Historical Shows That still gives us goosebumps

Indian television is always high on content. There are a plethora of realistic issues provided by the spectacular socio-cultural diversity which can be fictionalized into impactful television series that audiences can strongly relate to. One of the best attempts as such is the tremendous and glorious historical sagas from different time periods. Historical shows like Jhansi Ki Rani serial, continue to be talked about, ever since they graced our screens with an absolute blend of reality and creative liberty. These shows not only educate today’s generation on our historical glory but also deliver an immense and visually delightful impact on viewer’s mind that often lasts a lifetime.

Amongst all, ZEE TV’s effort and journey on capturing several essential historical events and bringing them forth to the television screens is commendable. It has produced some of the finest remarkable historical shows over the years that are successful in leaving a lasting impression on the audience and keeping the essence of our history alive. Even after the shows go off the air, people long to watch the myriad display of immaculate bravery, patriotism and sacrifices lived by our ancestors. Therefore, ZEE5 got these legendary TV dramas online so they could be accessible to people who wish to walk down the historical memory lane fervently and frequently. Here, in this edition, we have brought to you a list of legendary historical shows on ZEE5 that still give us goosebumps.



1) Jhansi Ki Rani: It has been a decade since the show first aired on ZEE TV, but its impact is still as fresh for the audience. Jhansi Ki Rani is based on the struggle of a lady warrior Manikarnika, popularly known as Rani Laxmi Bai post her wedding to Maharaja of Jhansi, against the colonial British regime in India. The show highlights the journey of Jhansi ki Rani Laxmi Bai and how she bravely fought the cruel conspirators to protect her land till her last breath. Kratika Sengar’s performance in this show is truly phenomenal. This show was the talk of the town while it aired for its spellbinding presentation and performance from the actors. Rani Laxmi Bai is looked upon with sheer respect and inspired by millions for her sacrifices to her people. This show still lives in the heart of people for giving life to such a powerful woman of history on the screen.

2) Jodha Akbar: Jodha Akbar is the period drama that tells the sixteenth-century historical event where a Rajput princess Jodha Bai is married to a Mughal Emperor Akbar in a political alliance of convenience for the two families and the regimes. This period drama webs the beautiful journey of love between Jodha and Akbar who followed different religions and how their bond changed the fate of India. Paridhi Sharma as Jodha Bai and Rajat Tokas as Akbar became an overnight sensation with their scintillating chemistry and spectacular performance on the show. The show is also critically acclaimed for its extravagant sets, costume designs and immaculate representation of the period portrayed in the drama.


3) Buddha: Aired during 2013, when ZEE launched Jodha Akbar, Buddha was another historical show that made its way to the heart of people. Based on the life of Prince Siddhartha Gautam who leaves behind his family life and kingdom in search of knowledge and later gets Buddhatto (enlightenment), this show is acclaimed for its realistic and simplistic presentation of the historical period. The journey of Buddha from a prince who never encountered sorrows to the enlightenment of all emotions of earthlings, this show effectively tells the essence of Buddhism as a vision and religion.

There are other shows like Laajwanti and Shoba Somnath Ki that are produced by ZEE TV which entails periodic historical events of our country like Jhansi Ki Rani. Along with entertainment, these shows have played a significant role in preserving our cultural identity and evolution. ZEE5 has taken a great initiative by including these shows on its digital outlay for audiences to revive their essence time and again. We, at TellyExpress, applaud the team for taking the step of bringing audiences closer to content that resides in their heart forever.